Google is pruning extra URLs from search results that contain a featured snippet. Google’s SearchLiaison took to Twitter to issue seven insights about the new policy.

Google used to give a URL two spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs) when that URL ranked with a featured snippet, also known as
position zero because it ranked above position one of the normal search results.

That is no longer the case. Google will no longer show duplicate URLs for pages promoted to the featured snippets.

This process of removing duplicate URLs from SERPs containing featured snippets is called deduplication

Google’s SearchLiaison published the following seven facts about deduplication:

  1. Featured Snippets duplicate URL change is being called deduplication
  2. Deduplication is global
  3. The change does not affect video featured snippets
  4. Deduplication does not affects a featured snippets variant that resembles a knowledge panel. But it will affect it later this week.
  5. Deduplication does not affect:– Top Stories– Interesting Finds
  6. Duplicated URL moving to page two of the SERPs appears to be a bug of deduplication and is not a feature or by design. URLs in featured snippets that are also ranking on page two of the search engine results pages (SERPs) may have that listing removed.
  7. There will be no change in Google Search Console (GSC) performance reports.

How this will affect your rankings in Rankz?

Initially we used to treat featured snippets as a separate entity (position ZERO), but since Google has changed the way they treat results in featured snippet, we are changing our processed to consider "featured snippets"

So now onwards, if your webpage is ranking in featured snippet, that will be counted as rank 1 and normal organic results will start from position 2.

Here is an example:

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