Tired of publishing all the posts to your blog manually from Flyout?

Well, there's a way we can help you save your time by automating this process.

Yes, I'm serious all the orders that you will receive on Flyout will automatically be published on your blog.

It will just take a minute to all setup all the things.

• Login to your Flyout Account and visit the "Blogs" page.

• Click on "Apply" button for the blog on which you would like to enable Instant Publishing.

• Next, download the required plugin and activate it.

• Once you've installed the plugin click on the "Verify Status" and it will verify the connection between the our platform and your blog.

• If plugin installation and verification was successful, you'll have to create an author account with required details as shown below. [Note: Details for every blog is different so please do not use the same author details]

• Once you've successfully created an author account click on "Verify" button and get your details verified.

• If the connection was successful you'll get a message as "Verification successfully completed!"

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If you are still not able to enable instant publishing for your blog please raise a support ticket by contacting us on [email protected] and we will assist you enabling instant publishing for your blog.

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