If you are an enterprise or an individual marketer, keeping track of all your content marketing campaigns is crucial thing. 

In order to do so, our Campaign feature will help you to manage everything at one place. 

Here are possible things with Campaign feature:

  1. Create different campaigns and set max budget per campaign.
  2. Add your team in specific campaign
  3. Keep track of published/pending/rejected posts in real-time.
  4. Export campaign data in one click

Here I have explained every single feature along with the use-case:

✅ Create Campaign

Say suppose you are working on a promotion of 3 different press releases campaigns like:

  1. PR for your latest fundraising
  2. PR for your CEO's latest statement on XYZ matter
  3. PR for your newly launched iOS app

So in this case, you would want to track everything specific to specific PR campaign. 

You can simply go ahead and "Add New Campaign" and keep track of all activities under same campaign.

If you are a digital marketing agency, you can use the Campaign feature to create different campaigns specific to different clients of yours.

✅ Add Team

If you are a Founder/CMO of the company, you can add your team in specific campaign and they will be able to find relevant blogs/magazines to distribute your content.

Note: Your team will be able to use your Rankz's wallet balance to post articles. So this is not just READ ONLY access. Please you make sure that you grant access to the people carefully.

If you have any difficulties accessing your campaigns, feel free to get in touch with us on [email protected] and we would be happy to help you out.

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