In this product, we show how your keywords are performing on Google Search as compared to your competitors. 

Following are some of the actionable ways to use our SEO Rank Tracker:

✅ Keywords: Track All Keywords Under One Dashboard

You can find the latest ranks of all tracked keywords under single project.

You can add more keywords and obtain their real-time rankings whenever you want. 

We keep updating ranks of every single keyword every 24 hours but you can manually request for on demand-refresh. To obtain latest rank, you have to select the keywords and hit "Refresh Keywords" button provided on the top.

✅ Performance: Chart Your Performance Against Your Competitors

You can track how the average rank of your chosen keywords is improving/declining with respect to your competitors using this feature. 

Note: You have to choose your competitors' at the time of project creation. You can read about project creation here.

You can choose custom dates from the date range picker provided above the chart and see how your and your competitors ranks are changing historically.

If you want to see graphs of specific competitors, you can show or hide specific competitor by clicking on the name of the competitor below X axis.

✅ Competitors: Real-time rankings of competitors

With this feature, you can see at what position your competitors are ranking in real time. We update this data every 24 hours.

Note: You can download the data of all competitor's by clicking on the EXPORT button provided above the table.

✅ Reports: One time or Scheduled Report

You can create one time or scheduled reports using this feature. Say suppose you are running a SEO agency and you want to share the ranks reports with your clients every 2 weeks, you can simply create a scheduled report using this feature and your client will get the report every 2 weeks.

Note: You will have to grant read only access to your client's email ID if you want him to receive email updates.

If you have any questions regarding our rank tracker, feel free to get in touch with us on [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

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