Login to your Flyout account and head over to "New Offers" page.

Once you are at the New Offers page, you should be able to see all pending offers for the blogs that you have listed on Rankz through your account.

Here is how it will look like:

You can click on Article Title or View Article link, and it will show you the content of the article in new window like this:

Now, on this page, you should be able to see following things:

  1. Accept Offer: If you want to accept the offer, press this button and enter the live link of the published article.
  2. Reject Offer: If you are not fine with the article content, you can click on REJECT OFFER button and provide the rejection reason which will be shared with our advertiser.
  3. Time Ticker: Time remaining to post this article. If you do not post the article within given time, your offer will get rejected automatically.
  4. Website: Blog on which you have to post this article.

How to Accept the Sponsored Post Offer?

If you would like to accept the offer, you can simply click on "Accept" button.

You have to publish this article manually on your blog and then you have to update the link of article. 

Once you hit "Accept" button, it will ask you for live link in the popup - so just copy paste that link there.

However, if for any reasons such as competitor links, bad content quality of you decide to reject this sponsored post offer, you can follow following steps.

How to Reject the Sponsored Post Offer?

Follow the same steps as mentioned above and click on "Reject" button if you would like to reject the post. 

You can write your rejection reason so that the advertiser can have clarity on why the article was rejected.

Money will be automatically refunded to advertiser's account and you will not earn anything for this offer (if in case you reject the order)

Note: In any case, you have just 72 hours to publish the article. If you do not take any action, then article offer will get cancelled automatically and refund will be processed to advertiser.

If you have any questions around publishing the post manually, write us on [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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