If your blog is already approved on Flyout, you can update your price per post anytime.

Here are the steps to update the price per post for individual blog:

  1. Login to your Flyout account.
  2. Click on "Blogs" from main menu.
  3. Click on "Edit" option under "Action" in front of the website you want to change price for.
  4. Set the updated price in "Price" text box and click "Save". You can even update your contact details and categories.
  5. Done!

If you are getting this error that means:

We've our own algorithm which decides the price per post which is final and can't be modified under any circumstances. You can continue with the existing price or if you are not comfortable with that pricing you are free to delete your blog as well as it violates our platform T&C.

If you are facing any issues while updating the price per post, get in touch with us on [email protected] and we will help you out as quickly as we can.

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