In order to keep things transparent and help our advertisers to make their blog selection decision quicker - we ask for verified Google Analytics numbers of any blog listed on Flyout to their respected owners.

If you have already listed your blog on Flyout....

Here are the steps to verify your Google Analytics for the blog that you have listed on Flyout:

Login to your Flyout account from here

On your "Blogs" Page, you should be able to see all your submitted blogs and in front of every blogs there is a button called "Verify GA". Click on Copy button and copy the provided email address [Shown below]

Next, Log in to your Analytics account and then click on "Admin" option on the bottom left. [Shown below]

Next, click on "Property User Management" option under user Property Settings. [Shown below]

[Click Here to see Full Size Image]

Next, click on the "+" icon on the top right corner and click on "Add Users" [Shown Below]

[Click Here to see Full Size Image]

Next, copy and paste the email address which you got at the time of verification and click on "Add" on top right. [Shown below]

[Click Here to see Full Size Image]

If you are facing any issues regarding your Google Analytics verification, drop us an email on [email protected] and we will help you with the verification process.

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