We have a manual review process for every single blog that gets listed on our marketplace.

To participate in the Flyout Marketplace, your blog need to meet our eligibility requirements. Here are some things to check before you submit your blog on our platform:

  1.  Your blog should be at least 6 months old must have at least 100 unique and high quality articles.
  2.  Your organic traffic for last 30 days should be at least 10000 [We ask you to verify your Google Analytics during submission of your blog]
  3.  Your blog should have good design and all basic pages such as: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc.

Here are restricted niches, that we don't allow to be part of our network:

Blogs from deceptive niches such as below are strictly restricted. 

  1. Any type of micro niche blogs.
  2. Any type of downloadable content like Apk, Games, Movies, Music, etc.
  3. Gambling/Casino
  4. Deals & Coupons
  5. Exam Results/Jobs
  6. Adult
  7. Any type of Event Blogs.
  8. Quotes/Shayari/Lyrics
  9. Facebook/Whatsapp Status
  10. Celeb Wiki
  11. Any type of Tools
  12. Guns
  13. Automated Blogs
  14. Cannabis/Dating
  15. Agency/Portfolio

Amazon affiliate blogs which have at least traffic more than 2000 will be allowed as far as there are no other violations of our criteria.

Also. Websites/Blogs which allows anyone to post article by just creating account [such as web2.0s] are strictly restricted.

Any type of blogs hosted on blogger.com are not allowed even if you have custom domain.

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If you have any questions regarding the blog selection criteria, then feel free to get in touch with us on [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you.

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