If you are wondering how to share the progress in Rank Tracker with your team, you can set up automatic e-mail reports.

Login to your Rankz account and select the project that you want to enable scheduled reports for.

You will be able to see "Reports" menu inside your project dashboard,

Once you click on that, you will be redirected to reports section of your project where you can see multiple options such as:

  1. Add to Slack
  2. Scheduled Reports
  3. Saved Report

Add to Slack: You will be able to send a project summary [how many keywords shows improvement and how many declines their position] on your Slack channel.

All you have to do is grant an access to Rankz to post in your Slack channel.

We use standard Slack APIs to push these notifications.

Scheduled Reports: If you are a SEO agency and want to send scheduled reports [Daily, Weekly or Monthly], this feature is super useful for you. You can choose your project and setup a scheduled report.

Saved Report: If you wish to generate one time report for improvement of your SEO project, you can generate that instantly using this option.

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