If you have been using Rank Tracker for a while, you should have noticed you can actually sort the keywords you're tracking with our "SERP Features" filter:

Note: We are currently supporting 5 major SERP features as shows in following image which are:

  1. Featured Snippet
  2. Site Links
  3. Top Stories
  4. Local Map Pack
  5. Image Pack
  6. Rating & Reviews
  7. Knowledge Panel

Here's a quick run-through on how to use the SERP features filter. 

First, you need to understand what SERP features are. A SERP feature is any result on Google that is not a traditional organic result (aka a link to a site). Here's an example of a SERP feature: 

(This particular feature is called a "Featured Snippet".)

We use two different colors to render such Featured Snippets.

  1. We show all the SERP features available for any specific keywords in Grey color [Your website is not ranking in any SERP feature] 
  2. If your website is ranking for specific keyword in any featured snippet, then that individual SERP feature gets rendered in Violet color.

For example, in following screenshot your website is ranking for the keyword "intermittent fasting" in featured snippet, but the keyword "Ashwagandha" is not ranking in any SERP feature.

[Click Here to See Full Size Image]

Now that you've understood all the different technical terms for the SERP features filter, it's time to play around.

You can use the advanced filter to find out all of the keywords your website is NOT ranking for any SERP features and optimize your content accordingly in order to get placement in SERP features.

Feel free to toggle around the SERP features filter and find different ways to optimize your site for these important features. 

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