We obtain the rank data from third party data providers.

Speaking of data depth and accuracy, here are some of the points we would like to highlight:

  1. Google has over 10,000 servers datacenter to serve the results for any specific search query within 50 milliseconds. This data is not consistent between those data centers at all times, and secondly, the data is constantly being recalculated and synchronized. So sometimes you might see the rank data showed by Rankz is different than actual data.
  2. The localized search results shown to you depend on your location. We are supporting maximum number of locations [From country to city and language level]. In case of localized search results, you might notice incorrect ranks because of lack of ALL localities.
  3. Every time you visit Google from the same browser (with the same cookies or history) or while being logged in to Gmail, Google adjusts the results according to your browser history. So it might happen than the results you see for specific keyword might be different for different users due to this personalization thing.
  4. By default, Google shows 10 results per page, but you can configure it to show more results at once - up to 100. We consider only top 100 positions for calculating "average rank", so in some cases it might happen that your keyword is ranking on 112th position and we assign 0 value for it and then calculate average rank.

With all things considered, it is not as easy to simulate unbiased search query from your computer, but worry not: we got you.

If you manually search for your keywords from time to time, you should know you can’t rely on the results completely.

If you notice any bugs in our rank reports, do let us know by dropping a line on [email protected] or live chat.

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