Most of the SEO tools are built by tech people and hence it needs a lot of hands-on experience around SEO - to use these tools. On the other hand, Rankz is built by marketers keeping the thing in mind that even a non tech guy should be able to do SEO by himself/herself.

We are building these tools in order to solve some of the big challenges while executing the SEO campaign such as:

  1. Tracking SERP of any number of keywords, be it 10 or 10,000 accurately.
  2. Country and city level tracking with the support to track keywords in 165 countries across 100 different language support.
  3. 7 different types of SERP features tracking support such as: Featured Snippet, Ratings & Reviews, Site Links, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Local map, Image Pack
  4. Competitors tracking on keyword level + Domain level.
  5. Team/Client access [View only]
  6. Bulk domain availability checker - Allows you to track 20,000 domains against their availability status in 10 seconds [Super useful if you are planning to acquire expired domains for your SEO campaign]
  7. Backlinks Monitor - To keep an eye on your backlink status against various status codes such as: Page not found, link made nofollow, noindex tag etc.
  8. Free Backlinks Checker - Analyze any domain or URL and find its top 100 backlinks, filter them according to type [Dofollow vs Nofollow]. Export all data.
  9. Content Distribution Network  - Find thousands of blogs from 10+ broad niches who are ready to publish your content instantly. Filter these blogs based upon their domain authority, traffic, niche etc.

We have bundled all these tools under Rankz and you should be able to access them under your Rankz dashboard.

If you’re still hesitant, allow us to dispel doubts. Just use our live chat or drop us a line at [email protected] to get things going.

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