We basically have two kind of blogs on our network. 

  1. Ready to publish content without any moderation. However, they have several guidelines for the kind of content they allow on their blogs.
  2. Manual content review publishers: These bloggers will review every single piece of your content before they post anything on their blog.

Publishing content on first type of blogger's blogs takes literally 5 seconds. Which means, as soon as you compose your article, preview it and make payment - that article will get published on your chosen blog instantly.

Technically we are maintaining a live connection with every such blog using WordPress APIs, which gives you ability to post content on any blog instantly.

Whereas second type of bloggers will take 24-72 hours to publish your article.

If you are having troubles with publishing content though our network, we request you raise a support ticket by emailing us on [email protected] or live chat.

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