We send Flyout payments to all eligible publishers from 14th to 20th of every month

For example, let's say you have earned 100$ from 1st of May to 30th of May, then your payment will be released from 14th to 20th of June.

For Publishers from India:

We process payments via Direct Bank Transfers for our Indian publishers. If you haven't updated your bank details yet, then head over to your Payouts >> Transfer Preferences page from here and update your bank details immediately. 

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For Publishers from Country Other than India:

We process payments via PayPal for our Non-Indian publishers. You can update your payment profile by clicking on Payouts >> Transfer Preferences [Shown Below]

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Note: Taxes will be deducted as per your country location. Please check this help article for more details - https://help.rankz.io/en/articles/3680977-new-tax-deduction-policy-from-2020

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If you are having trouble receiving payments from Flyout, we request you raise a support ticket by emailing us on [email protected] or live chat.

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